Electric Assist

All bikes are now available with electric assist, to add power when you want it. Check out our latest Jazz E-bikes. Or, choose a basic Jazz without e-assist.

Secure Seating

Our basic bike requires no additional accessories, which makes it affordable compared to other cargo bikes. Inside the bucket are 2 removable bench seats with 4 lap belts to keep your little ones safe.

Attention to Detail

Includes integrated front wheel lock and front and rear thru axle hubs. Our patented heavy-duty kickstand™ is designed to load and unload your cargo with safety and ease.

Ready For Anything

The Jazz Cargo bike Bike is Thoughtfully Designed to Take You and Your Family / Pets / Cargo Anywhere You Want To Go

  • 01Room for the whole family

    Choose from one of our 7 sweet bucket bike colors. Bike and bucket colors can be mixed and matched to create a custom look that meets your style.

  • Complete the look and utility of your ride with these carefully designed accessories that we love. Or purchase your bike FULLY LOADED to have it all. Our Electric Bikes come equipped with the Custom Electric Assist Kit, to add power when you want it.

  • No cumbersome straps or bags needed...just toss in the bucket and go! With 2 removable bench seats and 4 interchangeable seat belts, the options are endless. Also check out the Middle Bucket Seat Accessory, which creates a flat surface for pet transport, changing a diaper, or loading the bucket with ice and drinks for a party.

A Fun, Unique Bike for the Family

Designing sweet colored cargo bicycles with rear buckets that can carry up to four kids plus cargo, Jazz Cycles puts a new twist on family bikes. We hope your whole family falls in love with your new Jazz bike — as we have.

Bike Outside, Make Memories

A bicycle for the whole family, a Jazz bike makes it easy for you to get your children outside to create unforgettable and happy memories. Pack sandwiches and drinks, strap your kids into the bucket, and head to the park. The bucket is equipped with two removable yet secure bench seats and four seatbelts, and able to carry up to 600 pounds!

If you have older children who have special needs or are unable to ride a bicycle on their own, giving them the chance to feel the exhilaration of a bike ride is priceless! Everyone deserves that, and riding will definitely put a smile on their faces — and yours, too. Let our bikes help you create memories over and over again.

Get outside and make memories!

Ride in Style, Comfort, and Ease

The Jazz is designed for ease of use; it feels much like riding a regular upright bicycle. It has nine gears that help you cycle uphill, and a 20-inch rear wheel that makes the bike easy to balance. And now, with the addition of the electric pedal assist option with levels 1-9, the possibilities are endless! Our bikes have a classic, vibrant style that brightens the road, as well as your Instagram feed.

Leave your car at home and take your eco-friendly Jazz bike cargo wagon out instead. Hop on and go on a little adventure with your kids, drop them off at soccer practice, or simply pick up groceries. Wherever you go, Jazz will make the trip more fun and memorable for you and your family.

Contact us today, and let’s ride!

2021 Jazz Bikes

All electric bikes are currently on backorder. We expect our e-kit shipment in early June. Order early to reserve the color you want, and we will electrify and ship your reserved bike as soon as e-kits come in. Order early! We project that ALL bikes will be sold out mid-June, due to Covid supply chain issues within the bicycle industry.

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