Product Specifications

  • Motor: 750 Watt Bafang Mid Drive Motor
  • Battery: 528 Watt (48 V 11 Ah)
  • Power: 80 Nm of Torque
  • Pedal: Pedal Assist System with 9 Power Levels

Electric Premium

Are you ready for the ultimate Electric Cargo Bike? With the same quality and detail you have come to expect of all Jazz products, our custom Jazz 750 watt mid drive electric assist kit is now included on your E-Bike purchase. With the e-assist, you will be able to add power when you want it. Your Electric Bike will arrive ready to cruise up hills with 4 kids, a pet and all of your gear in tow. This new addition has exceeded our expectations and will be a game-changer for many. Nothing can stop you now, as the E-Bike makes riding with heavy cargo and long hilly trips a breeze. It's nothing short of AMAZING.